Fieldshare (Mobile)
Fieldshare is a tool where users from certain industries can monitor the status of their companies' assets, place it on maps, create own data tables and make reports.
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Problem 01
Oil & gas, municipalities and environmental companies are having a hard time to find all-in-one solution to manage messy data.
Problem 02
Specific industries require more complex and custom functionality that doesn't regularly available on the market.
User always struggles with data management and syncing when working in the field without access to the Internet. That's why user decides to have an app to keep asset recordings and safely sync when connected.
Wants & needs
• Wants to have an app to collect data
• Wants data to be filtered and sorted
• Wants to create tasks
• Wants to refer assets on the map
• Wants to sync data when connected
Jobs to be done 01
When... I'm working in the field without connection, I have to fill out paper forms.

I want to... have an app that syncs collected data with the office.

So that... I don't have to spend time refilling forms to the cloud.
Jobs to be done 02
When... I'm without connection, I still want to filter, sort and find oil wells on the map.

I want to... have an app that download data from specific projects.

So that... I have access to all thorough data in the field.
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