High-performing custom Webflow websites that are optimized for user experience and search engine visibility.

Landing pages

Marketing websites

Membership websites

Ecommerce websites


Optimization & maintenance

Process & steps

01. Briefing

Meetings & greetings, learning about your business.

02. Evaluation

Defining expectations & requirements, additional meetings if required.

03. KickOff

Exploring different approaches & concepts, aiming to find the optimal solution.

04. Design

Creative process comes to life. Approving concepts for development.

05. Development

Based on the approved design, creating respective screens.

06. QA

Conducting thorough testing to identify any adjustments. Launch.

Let's found out the way you approach sourcing web design and development services.

Behind the scenes


'Making websites' is run by Simon, a product designer based in Vancouver, Canada with over 4 years of experience in building websites and resolving UI / UX issues.

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